Development roadmap of Jenny 5

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Development roadmap

Note 1: CAD files may contain a more advanced version compared to the current hardware implementation.

Note 2: Some of the ideas from below may not appear in the final variant of the robot.

TaskReasonCompletition time (approx)Type
Wider and taller platformMore stable and overcome bigger obstaclesMay 2017Hardware
Another button on the gripperto limit the opening movementMay 2017Hardware
Motors with higher torque on platformFiner control of the platform at low speedsMay 2017Hardware
Shorter legSo that arms can grab things from the groundMay 2017Hardware
Linear motors (50 mm stroke, 1500N) for legLeg could be compressed moreMay 2017Hardware
Taller bodySo that arms can freely rotate > 180 degrees without hitting the frameMay 2017Hardware
U shape electronics for the bodyArms will not touch it anymoreJune 2017Hardware
Rotatable bodyArms could reach farther objectsJune 2017Hardware
HTML5 client for controlling the robotWorks on all operating systemsJuly 2017Software
19.6:1 gear reduction motors for armsCan lift more weightJuly 2017Hardware
Intelligent algorithm for grabbing a bottleMore intelligent robotJuly 2017Software
Change speed for stepper motors during runFiner control of the armsAugust 2017Software
LIDAR on headBetter detection of obstaclesSeptember 2017Hardware
Visualizing the LIDAR on the client applicationCan send the robot far away and see what it seesSeptember 2017Software
Visualizing the camera on the client applicationCan send the robot far away and see what it seesOctober 2017Software